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This cast page is a work in progress. Obviously, not all of the characters are here yet. Look for more in the coming weeks.
An elf or half-elf's apparent age is the approximate age the elf was when his or her Aeternitas Gland kicks in. The Aeternitas Gland is a magical organ somewhere near the spleen that can stave off aging for around one thousand years before giving out. Usually, the elf in question has already been run over by a bus or killed by the Elven Mafia or food poisoned or drowned or something before this happens, so most elves tend not to worry about their ticking biological clock and instead try to watch out for incoming buses.
Name: Silth-Kaonthil. Species: half-elf. Age: 207. Apparent Age: 25. Height: 5'4". Birthplace: Torcainth, Ilthmir.

Silth-Kaonthil is, like a few million other Marcharian elves, a refugee from the civil war that broke out a few centuries ago between the rival Caladai and Talith families. She arrived in Marcharius as a young teen, and is now in many ways the prototypical Marcharian: she's casual around just about anybody, buys new high-tech widgets in bulk quantities, is a little more interested in politics than any sane person should be, and has questionable taste in clothing.

Silth can speak three languages fluently, bullshit her way through two others, and swear in five more. She currently works in Sekigahra's Labs' AI Development Program, which would be prestigious if it weren't top secret. She never knew either of her parents, and doesn't even know who her father (a human) is.
Name: Li-Idolos. Species: elf. Age: 35. Apparent Age: 23. Height: 5'11". Birthplace: New Philae, Coastland.

Li-Idolos was born and raised in Coastland, but now that she's moved to Marcharius she isn't really sure why she put up with her native country for thirty-five years. For one thing, she burnt like an oily rag in Coastland's hot summers.

For another thing, Coastland is a relatively conservative country, and I don't mean they cut taxes a lot and deregulate large corporations. Li is a lesbian, which isn't exactly reputable around there. By the time she left, she was getting sick having to refer to her girlfriend, Maureen-Lelad, as her "roommate" at parties. Now living in Marcharius with Maureen, Li is amazed at how open things are there, and why nobody bothered to tell her it was like that there.
Name: Maureen-Lelad. Species: elf. Age: 100. Apparent Age: 24. Height: 5'10". Birthplace: Harbourton, Marcharius.

Hack modern artist, occasional smoker, lesbian, native daughter of Marcharius who left for a while but then came back... all of these describe Maureen-Lelad in a kind of vague, shallow, incomplete way.

Maureen is the daughter of Isa-Lelad and Doroi-Tanith, both refugees from Ilthmir. Ilthmiri society is matrilineal, so Maureen joined the family line of her mother, the Lelads. But since Maureen's relationship with Isa as an adult was distant at best, she was taken in as an "honorary Tanith". Since the Taniths are a filthy rich aristocratic family, Maureen has been able to pursue a career as an artist. She identifies herself as a member of the Neoavantretroromanticmolarfireplugangrymidget movement, which is just the kind of pretentious garbage the Marcharian art world pays lots of money for.

Once you get past that, though, she's actually quite cheerful and likable, if a bit quiet at times. Li thinks her freckles are cute, anyway.
Name: Thingumy. Species: Goblin. Age: 23. Height: 4'6". Birthplace: West Harbourton Goblin Farm, Marcharius.

Thingumy, like all Goblins, is a genderless (although Thingumy identifies himself as male, that's a cultural thing) magical plantlike thing and has blurry genetic memories of all of his direct ancestors. This gave him the skills he needed to become an inventor as soon as he clawed his way out of the ground.

His first job was working as an engineer for Takeo Sekigahara and Company (TS&C), where he was partnered with a half-elven woman named Silth-Kaonthil. Silth and Thingumy became friends after that, and Thingymy was quickly absorbed into Silth's circle of friends. When TS&C was reorganized into Sekigahara Labs, Thingumy chose to join the Robotics Division, while Silth ascended to the leadership of the AI Development Program, which had its facilities downtown, far away from the rest of Sekigahara. Thingumy and Silth are still pretty good friends, but he kind misses being able to spend every workday in her company.
Name: Isa-Lelad. Species: elf. Age: 208. Apparent Age: 19. Height: 6'0". Birthplace: Toranil, Ilthmir.

When Isa-Lelad first met Silth-Kaonthil, they were serving on opposing sides in the Ilthmiri Civil War, but still managed to become friends anyway, and promptly set about fleeing to Marcharius.

Silth has always secretly envied Isa, though, in a good natured kind of way. In Silth's eyes, Isa has lived a much more conventional life than Silth has. For one thing, Isa is a tall, blonde, pure-blooded elf, so just through pure genetics she's a little more normal. And while Silth's work in the computer industry has veered dangerously close to the realm of mad science, Isa has a respectable position with the Explorer Corporation, which is largely responsible for the proliferation of the personal computer. Lately though, Silth is becoming increasingly disconcerted by her friend- she recently learned that Isa managed to get married, give birth to a daughter, Maureen-Lelad, raise Maureen to adulthood and send her off into the world, and then get divorced, and then keep it a secret from Silth for the next seventy-five years. More seriously, Isa went into drug withdrawl even more recently. All of this has been rather surprising to Silth.

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